Calling All Cheese Lovers: It’s National Cheese Day!

Calling All Cheese Lovers: It’s National Cheese Day!

Calling All Cheese Lovers: It’s National Cheese Day!

It’s National Cheese Day and what better way to celebrate than drooling over some delicious cheese dishes?

The love for cheese dates back to over 7000 years ago -from Gouda to Feta, from Cheddar to Brie, cheese has been a staple in many of our hearts for as long as time. Considered a happy miracle as it is believed that cheese was invented by accident, we cheese lovers are forever thankful for every variant of cheese that has been created since. Here we will show you four delicious cheese options that may be even tastier throughout the long Canadian winter.

– Baked Brie – 

Brie cheese is a familiar top 5 fan favourite and can be included in plenty of different meal combinations. However, this blog is specifically designed to help you survive the winter season. That's where the baked brie & jam combination comes in: add some toasted pita chips or slices, and you'll be one satisfied individual. The sweet-tasting jam combined with the warm cheese is a great way to get through a cold winter night. Check out the delicious brie selection on GoCart, here.

– Classic Cheese Fondue – 

           Fondue:an absolute classic swiss melted cheese dish! Perfect for those cold nights by the fireplace. You can dip just about anything in this cheese and it will likely turn out to be delicious. But, to beat the winter, we suggest teasing your taste buds by dipping some crispy roasted potatoes. This tasty snack will leave you nice, warm and ready for bed. 

– Nacho Platter – 


Let’s not kid ourselves, when is a nacho platter not appropriate?! You can put any type of shredded cheese on here; cheddar, mozzarella, manchego, and even asiago making a nacho platter perfect for all seasons. In fact, we recommend you get creative with a new cheese, or combinations of different cheese. Slice up some veggies like tomatoes, jalapenos, red peppers, onions and throw it all in the oven for an unbeatable meal. 

– Charcuterie Board –

A beautiful charcuterie board, picture perfect for social media and your taste buds. The beauty of this meal is you can customize it to taste however you want. When I make my charcuterie boards grana padano cheese is an absolute staple followed by sliced old white cheddar, and pecorino calabrese. To make the most out of a charcuterie board you’re going to want to add some deli, maybe some soppressata, prosciutto and salami. Don't forget those crackers! We recommend some roasted garlic and vegetable crackers to compliment this snack but we warn you, you’ll be left wanting more! 

Let’s Get Shopping!  

           These are just a few winter cheese items that'll help you get through the cold, but we all know there are infinite things you can do with cheese, so what's your favourite cheese dish? What cheese combination would you put in your nacho platter? And what is your overall favourite cheese? Leave your answers in the comments!

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Hopefully, all you GoCarters enjoyed the read!