Hot Dogs with Coleslaw, Swiss & Spicy Mustard

Hot Dogs with Coleslaw, Swiss & Spicy Mustard

Hot dogs topped with Swiss and spicy mustard, with a side of creamy coleslaw are great for barbecues but also for a quick weeknight dinner! A super simple recipe that doesn't need much explaining. The hotdogs scream summer grilling!

Yield - 6 portions


½ pc red cabbage, thinly sliced

½bch flat leaf parsley, fine chopped

1cup champagne vinaigrette 

6pc large hot dogs

1pack sausage buns, bag of 6 

6pc sliced swiss cheese

3tbsp maille Provençal mustard 


Prepare coleslaw, mix cabbage with vinaigrette and parsley, season to taste

Score hot dogs, grill on BBQ until well done

Cut cheese slices in half, cover each hot dog with cheese, close BBQ lid to melt 

Toast buns, assemble hot dogs as desired  

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